Why should I learn Hindi?

Hindi is the simplified source of expression of our nation, Hindi has always been such a language that it never boycotted any word just because it is of foreign origin. A nation is dumb without a nation language. A country that does not take pride in it’s language and literature can never progress…

How do i get enrollment?

New batch starts at the end of previous batch in any particular time slot, may call us to know the upcoming dates.

Duration of Course
  • Regular batches – 5 Days in a week, 1.5 Months, 35hrs
  • Weekend batches – Saturdays, 2 months, 35hrs
  • Sunday Batches – 3 Months, 35hrs

Discretion of speech is more than eloquence and to speak agreeably to whom we deal with is more than to speak in good words and in good order is the evident and authenticate Certificate.

Do you offer trial lessons?

No, we welcome you to join the class.

Are there any other centers of Shree Spoken Hindi in Coimbatore?

Yes, besides the main center located at Ghandhipuram, there is a branch at Kuniamuthur.

Do you offer corporate training programs?

We give enhanced training to train corporate Employees in groups consisting of members minimum of 5 and above. Also based on request we too offer customized programs to betterment the language skills to handle interviews and meetings.